Frequently Asked Questions About Scheduling

Can an onsite calibration visit be scheduled for a weekend or evening so our production will not be shut down?

Yes. Although additional charges may apply, we will make every attempt to work with your production needs.

How far do you travel?

We LOVE to travel!! Jobs in Hawaii or other great vacation spots are encouraged to schedule our services. We will be happy to accommodate needs anywhere in the world. However, as a rule, we prefer doing most of our business in Florida.

Can you expedite my equipment for a faster turn-around?

Yes. Of course this means we will need to make special arrangements and as things go, this may cost more. Please inquire for current expedite fees at time of order.

Do you send out notices when my equipment is coming due for calibration?

Yes. Notices are sent out via email prior to your calibration due date so you may schedule your calibrations as needed.

Can you send me a price list?

This sounds like a simple solution, but our capabilities are quite extensive and always growing, so we find it much more helpful to quote a customer’s specific equipment needs rather than provide an entire list of over 500 items that will leave them frustrated. Simply send us a list and we will take it from there!

I received a quote from your competitor that was significantly lower for calibrations. Are they performing the same type of calibration?

Probably not. Some labs will quote absolute lowest prices based on a “NO DATA” certificate which means there are no readings provided for the calibration, just a “PASS/FAIL” statement. Some labs will do this without informing the customer so the price they quote appears to be much lower for the same type of calibration. This does not meet most Quality System Requirements and most auditors will not accept a “NO DATA” certificate as well. Although we do not recommend this type of certificate, we can provide you with the same service upon request. Simply inform us your company is able to accept this type of documentation and we will be happy to provide you with reduced pricing accordingly.

Quotes Form: Choices Explained

If you’d like form information on how to fill out the form for a quote, please read this guide.

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